Keep the Lines of Communication Open

As parents, we all know the day will come when our teenager would rather stick needles under her fingernails than have a meaningful heart-to-heart with us after school. She will get behind a locked bedroom door, blast some music and call her best friend to cry about the embarrassments of the day.

Is There Good in Grief?

A beloved friend of mine died February 22 from a sudden illness. There were no goodbyes, bedside gathering of girlfriends, tearful requests to look after her children or final moments holding her hand.

Give Board Games a Spin

The next time your family is making a beeline toward the video game department of a toy store, try taking a detour into the board game section. You’ll find plenty of old favorites and new variations. Along with the simpler luck-of-the-dice racing games for younger children, there are complex scenario strategy games for older kids and teens.

September - In the Kitchen

This summer’s release of Ratatouille, presented an opportunity to inspire our three children to eat something new. The movie tells the story of a Parisian rat named Remy, who possesses a particular talent for cooking. And Ratatouille – a Provencal peasant dish of sautéed and baked vegetables - features heavily in the picture’s finale.

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