Author: Brian Krantz

Rookie Dad: The Rocket Boys

For my 37th birthday, my 5-year-old son picked out the exact present he wanted to give me. Wait a second ... let me be perfectly honest.

Rookie Dad: Father's Day

Logically, I’ve chosen to write about Father’s Day for this month’s column. I’m a father. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20. Makes perfect sense.

Rookie Dad: Boys Will be Boys

Boys will be boys. Don’t you just hate that phrase? Ugh. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. It sounds so … so … unrepentant. So smug and irresponsible.

Dad Gets a Masters in Pavlov's Theory

I haven’t attended any classes, read any textbooks or taken any exams, but I’m fairly certain that some fancy institution with vine-draped walls should bestow upon me a master’s degree in early childhood behavior.

Rookie Dad: Wagons

Brian Krantz reminisces about his family vacations of the past in the family wagon.