Time to Replace Your Makeup?


From the first day she applies new lipstick or inaugurates a new bottle of facial cleanser, every American woman is headed toward the same dilemma. How long will that lipstick tube last? When is cleanser too old to be effective?

Many of us are unsure when beauty products expire – or even if they do at all. Consequently, we may wind up holding on to partial bottles and remnants of products because we’re not sure of their usefulness. Now is a great time to purge.

Cleaning out old beauty products can be emotionally cathartic, and spare you from using expired items that may potentially irritate your skin or that just don’t work anymore. Plus, tossing the old opens up opportunities for discovering great new cosmetics, beauty items and skin care products. Here’s some advice to get you started:


Because cosmetic products are used on some very germ-laden areas of our bodies, like around the eyes, nose and mouth, they can breed bacteria. Therefore, they don’t have an indefinite shelf-life. The usable life of some common cosmetics are:

* Mascara and liquid eyeliner – three months

* Cream eye shadows — three to four months

* Powder shadows — six months if you don’t reuse the applicator; three to four when reusing applicators

* Liquid, cream or powder foundation – one year if regularly applied with a new sponge or puff; six months if applied with fingertips.

* Cream and gel blush — six months. Powder blushes – about a year

Once you’ve purged old cosmetics you’ll be ready to restock with some of the season’s hottest new colors and products.

Skin care products

Skin care products can also be susceptible to bacteria growth over time, so if you don’t finish a product within a few months, keep an eye on how long you’ve had it. Discard products like moisturizers, concealers and toners that contain skin nutrients like vitamin C or alpha hydroxy acids after they’ve been open for about 12 months. Those active ingredients can lose their effectiveness after a year.

Exposure to moisture, air, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can all affect the ingredients in skin care products, so store them in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight. And if a product separates or smells differently than it did when you first opened it, discard it right away.

Once you clear out old cleansers and moisturizers, reward your hard work by trying something new, like Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansers, which offer exfoliating and cream formulas. Both are designed to purify and renew skin for a refreshed, smooth texture. Or, pamper dry skin in areas that often get overlooked, like under your arms. Secret Soothing Effects antiperspirants and deodorants use soy and acai berry to soothe sensitive skin and hydrate that underappreciated skin under your arms.

Cleaning out old cosmetics and skin care products can help you feel and look better this season. Plus, it’s great inspiration to reward your cleaning efforts by trying something new.

Courtesy of ARAcontent