Author: Robin Whitsell

Vacation Deals: By Land, Air & Sea

Staycation was the buzzword last year, and rightly so. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, last year saw 16.7 million fewer U.S. airline passengers than 2008 — the fewest air passengers of the decade.

Ages & Stages: Pregnancy: Your First Connection to Baby

Julianna Rhodes is a nurse. Her husband is a pediatric cardiologist. These two circumstances are very likely the reason her infant daughter, Harper, is alive today. Despite thorough screening, including a detailed "level 2" ultrasound, Rhodes had an undiagnosed condition called vasa previa that endangered Harper’s life just as she was being born.

Paying for the Future

North Carolina’s college system seems like a great deal. There are plenty of really exceptional schools and the tuition and fees for in-state (or "resident") students range from approximately $3,000 to $5,500 per year.