Parents to Know: Andrew and Alyssa Wilen

Andrew and Alyssa Wilen are the team behind Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen, the Lower South End spot where you can take a cooking class, pick up a prepared family meal, or come for Saturday brunch. The Wilens, married for five years,…

Special Olympics Athlete Has Hockey Dreams

Decked out in a two-sizes-too-big red, white and black Carolina Hurricanes jersey, Rory Kinane of Charlotte entered the RBC Center in Raleigh to cheer on the Canes at a recent home game. The 10-year-old Special Olympics North Carolina speed skater is a huge hockey fan and one day wants to play on a team.

Grandparents + Grandkids: It's a Trip!

There are more than 70 million grandparents in the United States and many of them have a passion for travel, providing an incredible opportunity to share this love with their grandchildren. Traveling with grandkids offers a unique bonding activity that can’t be experienced during a family get-together or a short visit.

Ages & Stages: 11-18: Nurture Relationships Between Teens and Grandparents

Is your child’s lackadaisical attitude toward spending the night at her grandparent’s house bewildering? At 8 years old she longed to seek refuge from her siblings at Grandma’s house. Now, as a teen, you can hardly pry her away from her friends and the phone to spend an afternoon — let alone a good portion of the holidays — visiting her grandparents.

Alternative Parenting Styles

Before you roll your eyes at the term "alternative parenting," and assume it encompasses some new wave, holistic theory, consider the fact that concepts known to strengthen parenting skills have been around for years, some since the days of antiquity. These include theories on nurturing children, natural infant hygiene and extended breastfeeding.

Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

Labor Day weekend signals the end of vacation season, and many dogs and cats will be joining their owners for a final summer getaway. Although car trips can be stressful for many household pets, experts agree that they do not have to be if drivers take some simple precautions.

At Home: Vintage Chic in the Nursery

When Kerry Leasure, a Dilworth homeowner, found out three years ago that she was pregnant with her first daughter, she knew instantly that she wanted to design her dream vintage nursery.

Letter to Myself - Molly Barker

Molly Barker is an inspiration to many girls in Charlotte. A runner, a single mom and a tireless promoter of sefl-esteem, she spends her life teaching girls how to get out of the "girl box" and believe in themselves. In this letter, she looks back at her teenage self, reflecting on self-doubt and offering hope and solidarity.

The Learning Dilemma: Educating your special needs child

Raising a child with special needs, whatever his or her limitations might be, is challenging. Trying to find a program or a school that fulfills all his or her education needs may be even more difficult. The public school system has specialized programs, but, for some, exploring alternatives outside the public school system just might be the answer.

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