Author: Diane C. Shearer

Teaching Kids to Be in Relationships

Research indicates children who grow up with separated or divorced parents are more likely to have broken relationships themselves as adults. Here are a few things separated and divorced parents can avoid in order to help nurture healthy relationship skills in their children.


Respecting Parental Differences

Divorced parents often have very different parenting styles, but they must be careful about sending mixed messages to children.

Consistency and Follow-Through

How to Stick to a Plan and Enforce Rules. When life is full of inconsistent schedules and too much stress, it's often difficult to stick to a parenting game plan — namely the importance of consistency and follow-through.

Solo Summer With Kids

For single parents, summertime often means juggling work schedules, child care and camps for the kids. Here are some tips to make summer simpler...

Dating With Children: Part 2

The dating scene from a single parent’s perspective was explored in Part 1,  emphasizing it is vital for a single parent to work on his or her own personal growth before considering a serious dating relationship.