Author: Katie Toussaint

Fall Placemat

With some clear self-stick paper and pressed leaves, the children can make a permanent and useful souvenir of the season!

10 Birthday Party Gifts Under $10

Does it seem you're scrambling to get a birthday gift wrapped and ready to go? Here are some ideas for fun gifts that won't break the bank.

5 Local Fall Festivals in 2010

From cotton candy and roasted corn to Midway rides, ring tosses and petting zoos, fall festivals and fairs are always a favorite for kids and kids at heart.

Thanksgiving Headdress

Celebrate the culture of the pilgrims' companions by making a feathered headdress that you can wear!

Ghostly Windsocks

Samhain ("summer's end") was thought to be a night for ghostly visitations.  Here is a ghost the children can make and display in the "spirit" of the day!