What It’s Like to Be a Dad

What you do/Job: Southeast Market Leader for Findley Davies (Management Consulting firm)

Where you are from: Charlotte , NC

Where you live now/City: Charlotte, NC

Family: Wife, Christy and 2 kids-Hampton (8) and Liza (6)

Outside of your family, what is your passion, or what makes you tick? (playing baseball, NASCAR, playing music, etc.) I can’t play enough golf but also really enjoy cooking and entertaining friends at home.

What’s your favorite team? (any sport, any city, any league) Duke basketball and Carolina Panthers

What was your first thought when you held your brand new baby? (whether it was 18 years ago or 6 months ago) “As happy as I was, I realized my parents were as much so, they were crying, too!” Then I quickly realized Christy and I just became the 2nd and 3rd most important members of the family.

What’s the best thing about being a dad?
Having the 2 closest people to me be engaging, positive and confident kids who (for now) love being around their parents and actually think we are cool. This wont last forever but it sure is the best now!