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Time to Replace Your Makeup?

Many of us are unsure when beauty products expire - or even if they do at all. Now is a great time to purge. Here's some advice to get you started.

School Nurses Call for Classroom Cleaning Protocols

School nurses say more can be done in America's classrooms to help prevent the spread of illness, especially at the height of cold and flu season when more than half of school nurses, who were recently surveyed, send five or more sick children home each day.

Prevent Home Fires During the Holidays

Frosty weather, flickering candles and glittering decorations create holiday ambiance. They also account for thousands of personal tragedies each year. Home fires increase significantly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and they’re often sparked by heating sources, candles and poorly placed decorations. To keep your home and family safe this holiday season, call your local furnace specialist or chimney sweep and be mindful with holiday decorations, especially candles.

'Tis the Season for Identity Theft

Is identity theft on your wish list this year? Probably not, but according to the FBI, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, affecting millions each year. And with so much spending occurring during the holiday season, consumers are especially vulnerable.

Family Friendly Resolutions

It’s that time again. For parents, New Year’s resolutions aren’t always just about themselves. Many parents choose to set goals the entire family can participate in during the new year.

Building Babies' Brain Power

For sheer learning potential, the brain of a child surpasses any man-made super computer. Researchers and child development experts agree there are a number of ways parents can help children make the most of their natural brainpower.

Getting Outdoors with Toddlers

As the weather warms and families come out to play, moms and dads often wonder how they can keep their toddler busy outdoors while spending quality time together.

Help for Bug Bites and Bee Stings

Ahhh, summer -- July Fourth fireworks, family barbecues, ice cold watermelon, weekends at the beach ... and bug bites. Or worse -- bee, hornet and wasp stings.

Teachable Moments at a Small Cost

Summer is here and it’s time for lots of family activities. With a little planning and a lot of fun, meaningful learning opportunities can be packed into every weekend -- without spending a lot of money.

Grandparents + Grandkids: It's a Trip!

There are more than 70 million grandparents in the United States and many of them have a passion for travel, providing an incredible opportunity to share this love with their grandchildren. Traveling with grandkids offers a unique bonding activity that can’t be experienced during a family get-together or a short visit.

Mood Makeovers: Top Tips To Get You in A Better Mood

Stress can come from anywhere at anytime. It can stem from career anxiety, family tension or even the day-to-day pressure of trying to balance everything simultaneously. While stress is actually a natural reaction for everyone, when it persists, it can feel overwhelming and take a toll on our well being.

Campfire Cooking

Learn about cooking outdoors over the campfire and try out these two new recipes.