Letter to Myself - Molly Barker

Molly Barker is an inspiration to many girls in Charlotte. A runner, a single mom and a tireless promoter of sefl-esteem, she spends her life teaching girls how to get out of the "girl box" and believe in themselves. In this letter, she looks back at her teenage self, reflecting on self-doubt and offering hope and solidarity.

Momfidence Author Shares Wisdom

How does a journalist who writes for publications like Woman’s Day and Parenting come to advocate "winging it" as a parenting style? For years Paula Spencer made a career of interviewing all the leading parenting experts for a variety of publications. Then she became a mom and started raising her own children.

Letter to Myself - Sheri Lynch

Sheri Lynch first published a letter to herself in her blog. Inspired by Ellyn Spragin's book, she set out to write a letter - addressing it to her troubled and tormented 14-year-old self.

Mood Makeovers: Top Tips To Get You in A Better Mood

Stress can come from anywhere at anytime. It can stem from career anxiety, family tension or even the day-to-day pressure of trying to balance everything simultaneously. While stress is actually a natural reaction for everyone, when it persists, it can feel overwhelming and take a toll on our well being.

Letter to Myself - Cama McNamara

Cama McNamara was the founder and publisher of Charlotte Parent magazine many years ago. She went on to publish Today's Charlotte Woman. She shares her insight into the future and new embracing opportunities.