Author: Lee Rhodes

The Multicultural Classroom

Preparing young students for a global future. Back to school means back to the basics, and in Carolina classrooms today, this means more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

12 Terrific Teens

In June (2009), we began seeking nominations from our community of parents in homeschools, educators, administrators and school counselors in both private and public schools, and even our readers, to find 12 teens whose outstanding character, leadership and heart, distinguished them from the rest.

Cash for College Tips

The College Foundation of North Carolina advises:

1. Open a N.C. 529 college savings plan. In addition to federal tax advantages, the state offers a tax deduction for contributions.

College Savings 101

There’s an interesting juxtaposition when a child goes to college. The child celebrates the successful culmination of years of academic pressures, while the parents grapple with a different kind of pressure: how to pay for a higher education.

2009 Terrific Teen: Anna Bobrow

Girl Scout troop leader Kelly Markiewitz has high praise for high school senior Anna Bobrow. "She's not afraid to blaze her own trail," says Markiewitz.

Working Moms Find Workable Solutions

It’s 2007, and that means the June Cleaver model of motherhood is a thing of the past. Not unlike June, today’s moms can often be found in the kitchen, but they’re bringing home the bacon as well. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the number of working women with children at 70 percent. But what that "work" looks like is increasingly hard to categoriz