Mompreneurs: Dana Blake & Sarah Masci

Names: Dana Blake and Sarah Masci
BabyLuxe and D’luxe Press

Family: Husbands, Tim and Mike; kids…all boys…Timmy 7, Colin 4, Connor 3, Alex 2, Aidan 1, baby Masci #3 due in November

Business: BabyLuxe {daily},, an online editorial site bringing practical little luxuries and hip parents together {daily}. AND, D’luxe Press & Design,, a marketing and design boutique catering services to designers in the luxe markets of maternity, baby, toddler, and child.

How long in business? BabyLuxe {daily} is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary this July. D’luxe Press & Design officially launched February 09

What inspired you to go into business for yourself? The many, many, many ideas swarming around in both our heads! Out of the hundreds of mompreneur concepts we have considered over our years as friends, it was just a matter of time before we made a few of them into reality.

Who is your mentor? At the present time, outside our families and friends {who all give us something to reach for and inspire to be} our clients and readers are truly the mentors with whom we look up to. Each and every person we have come across on our journey so far has been such an inspiration to us as business women and moms, as they too face determination to succeed as mothers.

Advantages of being a business owner: The sense of accomplishment. Sure, no matter the career, there is always a goal, an end result, an accomplishment. But when it’s all set on your own terms, your own schedule, and driven by your dreams…the outcome is so much sweeter!

What’s most important when starting your own business? Motivation. There are so many sacrifices to make when starting out on your own; you need to prioritize and be motivated to push through the challenges, push through the long hours, push through the start-up costs and lack of revenue that may {will} result early on…but if it’s something you believe in, you see the light at the end of the tunnel and you trudge on.