Working Mother Magazine Awards the Working Mother Oscars

During the awards season in Hollywood, film critics everywhere debate the merits of leadings actors, but another set of critics has made some judgments of their own. With working moms taking center stage in the world of hot young celebrities, Working Mother magazine decided it was time to ask the experts—the working mothers of America—to weigh in with their votes on Tinseltown’s hottest actress mothers.
“We here at Working Mother are delighted to celebrate all of Hollywood’s working mothers,” said Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Riss. “These women are such an inspiration to all of us, and they really show that it is possible to have both a successful career and a successful family.”

Readers picked their favorite moms in 12 categories:

Icon Mom
Winner—Meryl Streep
The two-time Academy Award winner scored 42% of the votes, edging out Annette Bening (36%) and Isabella Rossellini (22%).

Reality Mom
Winner—Heidi Klum
Juggling Project Runway and project diaper, this mom of three had 53% of the votes, winning out over Sharon Osbourne (34%) and Fantasia Barrino (13%).

Off-Ramping Mom
Winner—Julia Roberts
Absence has made 58% of voters’ hearts grow fonder of this Pretty Woman, who beat out Tea Leoni (23%) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (19%).

Mother-and-Daughter Team
Winners—Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson
These golden girls garnered 66% of the votes, outshining Blythe and Gwyneth (28%) and Diana and Tracee Ross (6%).

New Mom
Winner—Maggie Gyllenhaal
Fiancé and actor Peter Sarsgaard and baby Ramona helped clinch a 50% win, over Gillian Anderson (26%) and Sofia Coppola (24%).

Funniest Mom
Winner—Debra Messing
She makes even pratfalls sexy, winning 42% of readers’ votes, over Reese Witherspoon (35%) and Sarah Jessica Parker (23%).

Activist Mom
Winner—Susan Sarandon
Fighting the good fight helped this mom of three pull in 70% of readers’ votes, trouncing Rosie O’Donnell (19%) and Sharon Stone (11%).

Over-Exposed Mom (And We Don’t Care)
Winner—Britney Spears
Most readers don’t mind seeing Britney everywhere (64%), while some want to see even more of Angelina Jolie (24%) and Katie Holmes (12%).

Single Mom
Winner—Teri Hatcher
Readers’ 58% of votes put this mom of Emerson Rose on the A-list, over Mary-Louise Parker (29%) and Edie Falco (13%).

Fashionable Mom
Winner—Jada Pinkett Smith
Mom’s fashion savvy sure rubbed off on Willow and Jaden, with Mrs. Smith earning 50% of votes, over Courtney Cox (31%) and Heather Locklear (19%).

Adoptive Mom
Winner—Meg Ryan
Daisy True would surely agree with readers voting for her mom (52%) over Calista Flockhart (26%) and Madonna (22%).

Someday Mom
Winner—Jennifer Aniston
Most readers (57%) are crossing their fingers that this Friend will be in a family way soon, over Halle Berry (24%) and Salma Hayek (19%).

The results of the Working Mother poll appear in the February 2007 issue of the magazine.