Author: Gina Roberts-Grey

An 'Eye' on Pregnancy

Did you know that pregnancy hormones can be responsible for fluctuations in your vision, dry eyes and increased eye irritation?

Ages & Stages: 11-18: Nurture Relationships Between Teens and Grandparents

Is your child’s lackadaisical attitude toward spending the night at her grandparent’s house bewildering? At 8 years old she longed to seek refuge from her siblings at Grandma’s house. Now, as a teen, you can hardly pry her away from her friends and the phone to spend an afternoon — let alone a good portion of the holidays — visiting her grandparents.

Ages & Stages: 11-18: Angst, Drama and Your Teen

If dramatic scenes rivaling those of an Academy Award-winning performance routinely play out in your house, chances are you have a teen or tween-aged child. Sometime around age 11, children begin to realize the power that emotions play. From realizing the attention that a slammed door grabs to experiencing sympathetic pangs of angst for a forlorn friend, many children are drawn to drama.

Staying Home, Starting Over

You’ve made the big decision to leave your career and stay home with your baby. But stepping outside of your daily work routine and into the very different world of full-time parenting brings with it a great deal of unknowns.

When Pregnancy is a Pain

There is an indescribable rush of unbridled emotions when you learn you’re going to be a mother. ... until the physical symptoms of pregnancy kick in!

Ages & Stages: Inside the World of Babysitting Co-ops

Imagine not worrying about finding someone to watch your child while you run to a doctor’s appointment, take a new puppy to the veterinarian or meet a friend for lunch. Picture your child’s delight at the chance to visit with friends

Ages & Stages: Remember When?

Understanding how your children will recall their childhood. Obsessing over every detail of events in a child's life might be a waste of time. Research indicates detailed memories begin later in life.

Moms Who Blog: What’s The Message Behind the Boards?

The internet has changed relationships between everyone. Would-be employees search online for employment, singles look to connect with their cyber soul mates and people in need of hope and encouragement turn to on-line support groups.

Ages & Stages: 11-17: Children Raising Children

After almost 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, Tenna Perry found herself in the unexpected position of returning to work. Needing to find reliable and safe, yet inexpensive child care for her two younger children, Perry, like countless parents today, needed to rely on her oldest child.

10 Tips for a Summer Block Party

Looking for a way to finally introduce yourself to the new neighbor down the street? Are your kids begging you to host an all-day water balloon war? Whether wanting to swap recipes or socialize within the neighborhood, block parties are time-honored traditions in neighborhoods all across the country.

A GRAND Sleepover

Make sure everyone has sweet dreams at Grandma's. Spending a weekend together can be exciting and exhilarating. Hosting your grandchildren for the night or a weekend slumber party can also be challenging and stressful unless you are prepared.