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Airport Diversions and other Kid-Friendly Tips

Summertime travel with children, especially when it includes airports, can be challenging. Jerry Chandler, aviation expert and father of five, is a correspondent for Cheapflights’ "Flight News" blog. He offers these tips for families flying with kids. • Book direct, non-stop flights whenever possible, to avoid airplane changes.

Home for the Holidays: Being Mom in Your Mom's House

Nigel Bronson is an inquisitive and enthusiastic 2-year-old who likes to run and explore. His mom thinks that’s just fine; if he falls, he learns to slow down. "With a child, it’s better they learn through experience," explained Courtney Bronson of Charlotte. "I can say, ‘No, Nigel. Stop Nigel, don’t do that,’ but Nigel is going to do it until he learns there are consequences to it. I’d rather he learn that than to continually holler and go after him."

10 Tips for a Summer Block Party

Looking for a way to finally introduce yourself to the new neighbor down the street? Are your kids begging you to host an all-day water balloon war? Whether wanting to swap recipes or socialize within the neighborhood, block parties are time-honored traditions in neighborhoods all across the country.

Port and Orange Gravy

It will be good to know standards of quality for sauces before you get into this recipe. The sauce should be smooth, with no lumps; not too pasty, but thick enough to coat the back of a spoon lightly. It should have a distinctive, but well-balanced flavor — salt and pepper should be present in the taste, but should not dominate flavor. No starchy taste should be present. The appearance should be smooth, with a good shine, and have a good color for its type (rich deep brown for brown sauce; white

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