Author: small hands big art

Mix & Match Dolls

Who doesn't want a little mini me doll of themselves, sporting all of their favorite outfits at once? Enjoy a "mommy & me" three dimensional project, inspired by the classic mix and match books.

Papier Mache Carrot Pencils

Motivated to whip up a less predictable spring craft involving something other than pastel colored eggs? These papier mache carrot pencils seem like the obvious answer!

Up-cycled Holiday Garland

When those holiday boxes start piling up, we have a cool project that can help ease both your environmental and gift-giving consciences!

No Melt Snowballs

No need to wait for Mother Nature's cooperation to make these glistening no-melt snowballs! 

No Flush Fish

Create an entire tank of miniature exotic aquatic creatures that can all co-exist peacefully and without fear of extinction. Contributed by small hands big art.  ?

Put On a Happy Face

Make expressive faces out of cardboard and other recycled materials to combine a perfect blend of old school 3D creativity with high tech ingenuity.

Gimme Some Love Bug

Nothing says "I think I sorta might possibly like you" quite like an irresistible cuddly little bug, made from the heart with gobs of glue and glitter, from small hands big art.

Be My Valenswine!

Tired of paper heart doilies and candy hearts? Try this Valentine's Day craft - a lovable little piglet made out of recycled crayon chunks and glitter from small hands big art!