Find Your Fortune in a Cookie

Fortunecookie 315

A Thrilling Time Is In Your Immediate Future. You Will Create An Amazing Craft Project Today. You Will Squish Clay And Make A Big Mess With Paint and Glitter. You Will Find Much Happiness Making Art Projects. If You Play With Hot Glue Guns You Get Blisters.

Let’s celebrate the art of the fortune cookie! A tasty little treat that never seems to get the positive recognition it deserves, fortune cookies have the power to entertain and amaze with their cryptic and often comical messages predicting the future. With a little creativity, a blob of air dry clay and a small take-out box, you can harness the power within to take charge of your future, and make all of your dreams a reality! With this simple craft project, you’ll compose fortunes for you and your friends, and tuck them away like little time capsules to read in the future! These make great party favors or presents for your friends and family!

You Need:

• Air dry clay. Each fortune cookie requires a golf-ball size ball of clay.
• A small take-out box. If you prefer not to recycle one from a Chinese restaurant, you can find these in your local arts & craft store in the packaging aisle.
• Paper & pen with which to write your prophecies!
• Small bowl or jar – you will use this to help form the shape of the fortune cookie.
• Tempera paint
• Soft paintbrush
• Glitter, jewels and other embellishments of your choice


How to Do It:

1. Write your fortunes on a piece of paper and cut them into small strips. Get creative and dream big! Fold them up so they will be small enough to insert into the cookies. If you’re making cookies for yourself as well as your friends or family, you need to devise a system to keep track of who each cookie belongs to because after the fortune is inside the cookie they can easily get mixed up.

2. Form a golf ball size ball of clay into a flat round circle, about three inches in diameter. The clay should be about 1/4″ thick, because if it’s too thin it will crumble when formed into the fortune cookie shape. You may need to experiment with a few to get the right thickness.

3. Lay the small folded paper in the center of the circle of clay and fold in half to form a taco shape.

4. Gently lay the folded clay onto the edge of a bowl or jar with the open edges of the “taco” facing up and the folded part of the clay touching the edge of the bowl or jar, and gently bend the sides down to form the rounded shape of the cookie. Make sure the clay isn’t too dry or it will crumble. You can wet it with a little water first if necessary.

5. Lay the cookies on a sheet of paper and allow to dry at least 24 hours.

6. Write your name and the date on the bottom of the take-out box. Paint the cookies and the take-out box with bright colors and sprinkle with glitter and adorn with jewels and ribbons.

7. Wait at least ONE YEAR before you break open your cookies and read your fortunes! The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your fortunes will come true!

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