Under the Sea Diorama

Underthesea 315

The ocean is vast and deep, but did you know that you have the power to capture it’s magic and mystery in a small recycled box?!  If you are fascinated by sea creatures and ocean life, this fun 3D diorama project will let you create a colorful 3D underwater scene to showcase your imagination and creativity.  You can keep it simple and create an ordinary looking school or fish, or go crazy and add coral and other plant life, unusual or rare sea creatures, mermaids or even a pirate ship wreck and treasure chest!  We used Shrinky Dinks to create the sea creatures, but you can simply draw them on paper, or make them out of modeling clay.  You can even add real shells or other real pieces of coral to the bottom of the box to make the scene look more realistic.

You Need:

•?? A shoe box or other shallow box
•?? String or wire to hang the sea creatures
•?? Beads or buttons to secure the string or wire at the top of the box
•?? Tempera paint in blue, green, purple & white
•?? Glitter (optional). Opal glitter works great because it looks like sparkly water!
•?? Materials to create the sea creatures. You can use Shrinky Dinks, small pieces of heavy weight paper or card stock.
•?? Markers
•?? Scissors
•?? Glue
•?? Optional: sand, real sea shells and small pieces of coral

How to Do It:

1. Paint the entire inside of the box, including the sides, with shades of blue, green & purple.  Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.

2. Draw the sea creatures on small sheets of cardstock and color and cut them out.  If you use Shrinky Dinks, punch them with a hole punch and bake in the oven until they are completely flat, following the directions on the package.

3. With a pencil, carefully poke small holes in the top of the box to hang the sea creatures.

4. Tie a wire or string on each sea creature, and thread the other end through the hole at the top of the box.  Tie a bead or button on the other end of the string to secure it to the box so it hangs freely.

5. Draw coral and seaweed on separate sheets of card stock and cut out.  Make a narrow fold on the the bottom edge and glue onto the bottom of the box.  You can also create a more elaborate scene by drawing an old wrecked ship or buried treasure and placing in the box as well.  You can hang other things from the top of the box such as strips of blue paper or cellophane to represent water.  Anything you choose to add at this point will make your diorama more interesting and enhance the realistic 3 dimensional look of the scene.

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