Who Let the Dog Out


Our pets are like members of our families, and our cuddly little canines (or felines) are no different! Pamper your pooch in style by building a luxury condo for him to live in grand comfort! Our clever craft architects have come up with an amazing design that allows for style, comfort and mobility! You’ll never have to worry about pet sitters again – you can bring your pooch’s house with you wherever you go!

You Need:

• A small box. A 6×9 “gable handle” box works great and will save you the trouble of having to craft a separate handle! You can find these in the local craft store in the packaging aisle.
• Patterned or colored paper.
• Scissors
• Buttons and beads and small string or wire. This will form the latch to open/shut the door.
• Small piece of cardboard to write a welcome sign.
• Small piece of soft fleece or other fabric for the carpet.
• Small piece of screen (like used for a screen door). You can find this at the local hardware store, use an old screen or get creative and improvise with netting or something similar. It is highly recommended that you do NOT tamper with any screens in the house, or this might be your last craft project for a while!
• Masking or Duct Tape
• Glue
• Mod Podge
• Soft Brush
• Tempera paint
• Sharpies or other permanent markers, if desired.
• Jewels and other embellishments of your choice

How to Do It:

1. With the assistance of an adult, using scissors or an Exacto knife, cut an upside down “U” to form the door. Do not cut the door completely out – leave it attached on the bottom so it can open/close like an oven door. On the opposite end of the box, cut a small square for a window. You can cut out additional windows if desired.

2. Tape the small piece of screen to the inside of the box to cover the large window on the end. Tape on the inside, not the outside.

3. Decorate the box using a decoupage technique. Cut pretty pieces of colored or patterned paper to form windows, grass, flowers, shrubs, and roof shingles, and adhere to the box with the Mod Podge. Spread a thick layer of Mod Podge on the box first, then layer the paper, and paint over with more Mod Podge. Repeat the mantra “Mod Podge – paper – Mod Podge” over and over in your head while you’re working on this part! If you don’t apply enough Mod Podge on the box before sticking the paper on, it will peel off no matter how much Mod Podge is applied on top of the paper. The Mod Podge will be sticky, white and gooey, but it will dry perfectly clear and form a hard protective coating.

4. Let dry overnight.

5. The next day, you can decorate the inside of the house by painting the walls, or drawing curtains, bookshelves, etc. with markers or crayons. You can also embellish the outside of the house by drawing details with a permanent marker (washable markers won’t adhere to the dried Mod Podge), and glueing jewels and buttons on. Cut a piece of soft fleece or other fabric for carpet.

6. Make a small sign with your pet’s name on it to hang on the outside of your house.

7. To form the latch for the front door, attach a small wire or string to a button and glue the button on to the top of the door. Glue a bead or button onto the box right above the door. Let dry thoroughly. When it is dry, you can wrap the wire or string around the bead or button above the door to secure.

8. When your puppy’s house is complete, host a housewarming party!

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