PARENT TO KNOW: Indre Buechler

It's rare to see Indre Buechler in front of the camera. Most often she is behind it at Nest Photo Studio in South Charlotte. Here, the business owner and mom of five talks the importance of capturing photos of children,…

The Learning Dilemma: Educating your special needs child

Raising a child with special needs, whatever his or her limitations might be, is challenging. Trying to find a program or a school that fulfills all his or her education needs may be even more difficult. The public school system has specialized programs, but, for some, exploring alternatives outside the public school system just might be the answer.

Make Johnny Appleseed Proud!

If Johnny Appleseed would love North Carolina! Our state has an abundance of fresh farm apples to pick this fall, so take advantage of it. Try any of these fun activities or recipes to make the most of the season.

Toy Recalls: Getting Back to the Basics of Playthings

Remember when Pound Puppies and Tinker Toys were all the rage, and you didn’t have to worry about whether or not the cars in your Matchbox collection were covered in lead paint? In June 2007, toy manufacturers began a series of toy recalls after discovering that numerous products, mostly manufactured in China, contained dangerous levels of lead paint.

Asking Saves Kids

Is there a gun in the home where your child visits? Find out about an awareness campaign that helps ask about gun safety in the home.

At Home: Sharing Bedrooms

Sharing a bedroom is usually done out of economic necessity. Although it can be challenging in many ways, it's also beneficial from more than just a financial perspective. Find out how.

Letter to Myself - Sheri Lynch

Sheri Lynch first published a letter to herself in her blog. Inspired by Ellyn Spragin's book, she set out to write a letter - addressing it to her troubled and tormented 14-year-old self.

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