Healthy Kid Snacks

When a snack attack strikes, refuel with these nutrition-packed snacks:

1. Spread mustard on a flour tortilla. Top with a slice of turkey or ham, low-fat cheese and lettuce. Then roll it up.

2. Mini Pizza: Toast an English muffin, drizzle with pizza sauce and sprinkle with low-fat mozzarella cheese.

3. Rocky Road: Break a graham cracker into bite-size pieces. Add to low-fat chocolate pudding along with a few miniature marshmallows.

4. Inside-Out Sandwich: Spread mustard on a slice of deli turkey. Wrap around a sesame breadstick.

5. Parfait: Layer vanilla yogurt and mandarin oranges or blueberries in a tall glass. Top with a sprinkle of granola.


Dip baby carrots and cherry tomatoes in low-fat ranch dressing.

Dip strawberries or apple slices in low-fat yogurt.

Dip pretzels in mustard.

Dip pita chips in hummus.

Dip graham crackers in applesauce.

Dip baked tortilla chips in bean dip.

Dip animal crackers in low-fat pudding.

Dip bread sticks in salsa.

Dip a granola bar in low-fat yogurt.

Dip mini-toaster waffles in cinnamon applesauce.

Courtesy of the American Dietetic Association (, the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.