Author: Jessica Fisher

Pick Up Tricks

Imagine toy soldiers marching themselves into the toy box. Or how about clothes that fold themselves at the snap of your fingers?

Clean Kid Rooms? Tips for Making Fantasy a Reality

1. Find a home for each possession and communicate it to the kids Designate specific spots for clothes, books, toys, towels and toiletries. Repeat this many times over. Check for understanding by encouraging kids to tell you where something should go. Have young ones demonstrate where to place certain items. Labeling (with words or pictures for non-readers) is helpful for everyone, including those outside the family, like grandparents or babysitters who come to help out.

Make Johnny Appleseed Proud!

If Johnny Appleseed would love North Carolina! Our state has an abundance of fresh farm apples to pick this fall, so take advantage of it. Try any of these fun activities or recipes to make the most of the season.

Savoring Life with Preschoolers

Recently, as I baked cookies with my kids, I watched my 3-year-old lick the plate clean of sprinkles, rather than roll the dough balls in them. It made a classic picture: my little boy Judah looking up mischievously with colored sugar on his face. I reflected on the brevity of this season.

At Home: Sharing Bedrooms

Sharing a bedroom is usually done out of economic necessity. Although it can be challenging in many ways, it's also beneficial from more than just a financial perspective. Find out how.