Author: Meaghan Clark

Keeping a Family Fit

Many families struggle to find the time to be together and exercise, but a few moments of playful activity and fun as a family can give everyone a boost of energy.

Fire Safety Tips

October is Fire Prevention Month. Make a fire escape plan with your family and do a run-through so that everyone knows how to react.


Hear from dads who are the primary caregivers and why they choose to take on the job.

Asking Saves Kids

Is there a gun in the home where your child visits? Find out about an awareness campaign that helps ask about gun safety in the home.

National Backyard Camping

There's a special night designated for backyard camping. Check out what to do, where to register and how to make your night outdoors a memorable one.

Organic Skincare for Babies

Organic skin care for babies is a trend that is gaining popularity with parents from Mint Hill to Hollywood. Buying products online helps busy parents and moms-to-be save time and focus on other tasks at hand.

Home Births

A look at the home birth movement in the U.S. and what the status is in North Carolina.

Homemade is Best

Special costumes can be made at home with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. Read about how it can be done and find resources brimming with great ideas.

Mompreneurs - Ann Francke

Mompreneur Ann Francke has created a unique website for organic beauty products. Find out how she balances her work and home life, beautifully.

Mompreneur Bridget Dixon

Mompreneur Bridget Dixon of Ella Elise Stationery shares her challenges and successes as an independent business owner and mom.