Author: Brian Kantz

Gratitude for Grandma

One night, way back in some year B.C. (before children), I found myself in the middle of an ugly scene in a graduate school class. What started out as an innocuous discussion about parental influence on education quickly turned into a mother in-law bashing session.

Rookie Dad: Strange Bedfellows

We own a three-bedroom house. Simple mathematics dictates our two boys should have their own rooms. But were we denying them essential bonding time?

Rookie Dad: Super-Sized Summer

Maybe the heat is getting to me. Or maybe I've watched one too many "60 Minutes" commentaries by famous curmudgeon, Andy Rooney.

Enjoying Down-to-Earth Adventure, Fun

One of the things I absolutely treasure about my kids right now is that they are still too young to be affected by anyone else’s definition of "cool." The concept of peer pressure doesn’t apply to them yet.

Bonding Over Baseball

For us, as for many fathers and sons, baseball is a tie that binds, connecting us through countless hours of watching games together and, during these chilly winter days, keeping the hot stove burning by chatting about things like off-season trades and transactions.

What to Do with an Hour or Two

Just for kicks and some sympathy I don't really deserve, I recently calculated the percentage of waking hours that I have spent with one or both of my sons since becoming a stay-at-home dad five years ago.

1,000 Things To Do Before Kindergarten

OK.! Only 5 things to do before Kindergarten from our Rookie Dad. He shares an astonishing lists of tasks he must accomplish before his son enters kindergarten.

Rookie Dad: A Videotaped Life

On Friday nights when I was a kid, my brothers and I would charge down the basement stairs and come back up hauling a 30-pound slide projector, an unwieldy six-foot-tall movie screen, and five boxes of slides.

Rookie Dad: You Said It, Dad

Our Rookie Dad and his brothers share their favorite "dadisms" from their own father and how they've found themselves repeating those famous last words.