Taming Your Temper

I thought things would get easier as my children got older, but I feel like a slave to their busy lives. I feel guilty and resentful all at once. How did I get this way?

Flexibility is the Answer, Columnist Says

Paula Spencer is the mother of four children, 15-year-old Henry, 12-year-old Eleanor, 10-year-old Margaret and 7-year-old Page, living in Chapel Hill with her husband. She is a blogger, Woman’s Day columnist and author of the parenting book "Momfidence." Paula has written more than 350 magazine articles, been interviewed on numerous radio shows, collaborated on several books and even appeared on "Oprah!" I talked to her recently to find out how she balances work and family life.

18 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Take a Break

In our busy, fast-paced lives, it’s hard for women to find even a few minutes to claim as their own. If your day is jam-packed with meetings, errands and grocery shopping, consider these quick, inexpensive and easy ways to sneak in a break. You can recharge your battery and get ready to face your next deadline, hurdle or load of laundry.

Working Moms Find Workable Solutions

It’s 2007, and that means the June Cleaver model of motherhood is a thing of the past. Not unlike June, today’s moms can often be found in the kitchen, but they’re bringing home the bacon as well. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the number of working women with children at 70 percent. But what that "work" looks like is increasingly hard to categoriz