Author: Aimee Symington, Etiquette Expert, Instructor and Creator of Game on Manners

Back to School Manners and Social Skills

Four easy tips for boosting your child's self-confidence and reducing their social anxiety to help them make and keep friends and feel more confident in different social situations.

Holiday Meal Etiquette Tips

Learn to set the table correctly, and handle the picky eater, the lazy guest, and wild child for a stress-free holiday gathering.

Funeral Etiquette

Talking to your kids about what to expect at a funeral, and what to say and do before, during and after a funeral service.

Do You Lift People Up?

Get these four fundamentals down and you are on your way to making yourself, and the world, better.

Office Etiquette Pet Peeves

Annoying email etiquette, over sharing, being a kitchen slob and more. Find out what you should avoid doing at the office.

2017 Top Etiquette Tips

Incorporate these behaviors into your everyday life to make positive changes for yourself, your family and your community.

Top 5 Holiday Etiquette Tips

Holiday etiquette for your kids and tips on what not to give your boss, how much to tip and how to be a polite party-goer.

Email Etiquette

Make a great electronic impression through professional and polished emails with these easy steps.

Top 10 Small Polite Gestures

Manners and etiquette seem to be fading these days, but there are small things you and your children can do every day to show respect to others and make a great impression. Read and share these Top 10 tips!

WHY Manners Matter

Polite manners can help children and adults be successful, get ahead, and make and keep friends.