Quick Tips for Teaching Young Kids Table Manners

If parents can teach their children these simple things, kids won't embarrass themselves or their parents when dining out.

Many parents struggle with what to teach their young children about table manners so here are the top three tips for what to teach your kids to do before, during, and after a meal. It takes patience, consistency, and practice, but you and they CAN do it!

To watch a quick TV segment from Fox News Good day Charlotte on this topic, click HERE.


Q – What are the important things to teach kids to do BEFORE they eat a meal?

  1. Sit properly in their seat, put their napkin in their lap, and then wait for everyone to sit down before they begin to eat.
  2. If in a restaurant, do not play with things on the table, crawl under the table, or get up from the table!
  3. Make conversation with others and do not have electronics at the table if you can help it! 


Q – What should kids learn to do DURING the meal?

  1. Hold and use their silverware properly, and keep elbows and arms off the table, and pass food to the right.
  2. Do not burp at the table or crew with mouth open.
  3. Do not be a picky eater! Try a bite of everything you are served.


Q – What should they learn to do AFTER the meal when they are finished eating?

  1. Place their fork and knife diagonally across the plate to indicate they are done.
  2. Ask host (parent) if they may please be excused from the table before leaving.
  3. If at home and old enough, take plates to the kitchen and thank parents for dinner.

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