2017 Top Etiquette Tips

Add these etiquette tips to your list of New Year's resolutions for a better, more polite year.
Aimee Symington on Fox News Good Day Charlotte

Every New Year, many people make resolutions to lose weight, work less/work more or to achieve some specific goal. I propose that people also consider a resolution to brush up on their etiquette. If you are up for the challenge, below are my top three recommendations.

1. Treat People the way you Want to be Treated

People hear this saying all the time, but unfortunately, I see examples every day from kids and adults who either don't understand what this really means, or they just don’t listen to this advice. What this means is to show kindness, empathy and respect to others regardless of their race, gender, political party, age, sexual orientation, religion or social, economic or popularity status.

Kindness can be shown every day in small ways with people you work with and live near, or even to strangers who don’t expect a kind word, gesture or offer of help.

Empathy can be shown by really listening to others, withholding judgment about other people or groups of people, and really questioning your prejudices and finding ways to connect with other people especially those who are different than you are.

Showing respect to others can mean holding the door open for an elderly person, putting your cell phone down when talking in person with someone, or paying attention when a child is talking to you. Respect is also about respecting others’ differences.

See the Manners for 2017 segment on Fox News "Good Day Charlotte".

2. Stop Cyberbullying

Anytime you write something mean or critical about a person online or through a social media app, you are being a cyberbully. It’s so easy to hide behind a computer or phone screen and say anything you want, but don’t forget that your words have an impact on another person, company or group even though you can’t see them.

Take the high road and don’t write anything rude or that attacks another person, because nothing positive can come from this form of communication. Be mindful of your words because spewing hatred and criticism only perpetuates more hatred and criticism. Instead, spread encouragement and gratitude — you will also reap the benefits.

3. Teach Children Manners and Gratitude

Children learn from our example. Take the time to teach your children, and those children around you, how to be a polite, and caring person and citizen. Teach them table manners, greeting and conversation skills, and how to be a good friend to others.

Teaching your children to be thankful for what they have is also essential. This can be done at home, but also by having them volunteer with charities to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Find more etiquette information for adults and children, on the Finesse Worldwide website.