Teach Your Kids to “Schmooze” Their Teachers

Kisd With Teacher

We don’t want our kids to “brown nose” a teacher or become the “teacher’s pet’, but…

Let’s face it, teachers are like parents in that we act differently towards the kids we like versus the ones we think are annoying, rude, or mean.

I can tell you from being the mom of a 14 year old girl and 11 year old boy that when I like one of their friends, I’ll let them come over more, have sleep-overs, have dinner over, and do more things than the kids I am not so fond of.

This just makes common sense in my book, but I wish I could tell some of these kids that it would do them a world of good if they simply took the time to talk to me when they come over even just for a couple of minutes. To clean up after themselves, and to generally be nicer to me as the mom and not as the woman who drives them everywhere and feeds them.

Since kids have or will be starting school soon, I believe it will be helpful to share these few tips with your kids so that they get off on the right foot with their teachers. According to research, teachers do react differently, and give special privileges to, kids they like so help your child learn what to do and what not to do, to show their teachers respect and kindness.

Tips on “Schmoozing” Adults (teachers, parents, etc.):

1. Polite Greeting. Warmly and confidently say “Hello, Mrs. x” at every greeting. Ask how they are and make conversation. Even if the conversation if brief, it shows that they care about the adults and helps build the relationship. To teach polite greetings and small talk, practice with your child with family and people they know well. Have them be responsible for carrying on the conversation at dinner time as a way to get god with asking questions of others.

2. Be happily helpful. Make sure you talk to your kids about the importance of helping adults and having a good attitude about doing it! If a teacher or parent asks for someone to help clean up the art supplies then quickly volunteer. Or, if the teacher asks you to pick up the mess you made say “Yes, Mrs. X” with a smile and not a scowl. Having a good attitude and being helpful are two qualities that adults love, am I wrong?

3. Show respect. This can take the form of holding the door open, giving a sincere complement, listening when spoken to, cleaning up, following the rules, and saying “Yes, Ma’am/Sir”. Sometimes kids don’t always do these things for their parents (trust me, I know), but hopefully if you teach them well, they will bring out their best manners for teachers and other adults.

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Aimee Symington is a modern cotillion instructor, etiquette expert, and creator of “Blunders” board game on manners. She has appeared on The Today Show and is a monthly etiquette guest on Charlotte Today and is the CEO of Finesse Worldwide, Inc. with offices in Charlotte and San Francisco.