New Parent

5 Stumbling Blocks to Choosing the Perfect Name

Before becoming a mom, I was secretly on the lookout for names that would be fitting of my firstborn child. This tedious process began years ago — probably on the elementary school playground, where I relished the name of every kid who could accomplish some monumental jungle gym feat.

Ages & Stages: Pregnancy: Expecting the Best This Holiday Season

The holidays have always been a time of anticipation and expectation — whether it’s remembering a family awaiting the birth of a small child long ago, or bubbly children anticipating Hanukkah gifts or Santa Claus — the season is a natural time to be expecting a bundle of joy. Follow these tips to be sure you’re expecting the best holiday season ever!

Staying Home, Starting Over

You’ve made the big decision to leave your career and stay home with your baby. But stepping outside of your daily work routine and into the very different world of full-time parenting brings with it a great deal of unknowns.

Interviewing a Doctor for Your Child

Planning for a baby can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but also one of the most demanding times. Choosing the right health-care provider should be included on your list of things to do before your baby is born.

At Home: Vintage Chic in the Nursery

When Kerry Leasure, a Dilworth homeowner, found out three years ago that she was pregnant with her first daughter, she knew instantly that she wanted to design her dream vintage nursery.

Postpartum Depression

A common misconception in American culture is that if you are in a stable relationship, your finances are good and your pregnancy is planned, then you shouldn’t have any problems adjusting to a new baby.

Mural, Mural on the Wall

When preparing for the arrival of their baby, parents can develop quite a long checklist of all that needs to be done. One item that tops many to-do lists is decorating the nursery. For parents who want to truly transform a room, choosing to decorate the walls with a mural is becoming increasingly popular.

Boy or Girl?

Beyond technology ... Do I want to know? Before modern technology allowed expectant parents to determine the sex of their babies prior to birth, eager moms and dads devised interesting ways to figure it out. Are you carrying high? It’s a girl. Carrying low? Must be a boy. If you’re gaining weight in your face, it’s a girl. No? Paint the nursery blue! Everything from a ring on a string to urine examination (don’t ask) were used in an attempt to satisfy their curiosity.

What's New for Babies

New babies and new parents have a world of goods awaiting. Here are a few books, great gear and media items to help you get started.

Alternative Parenting Styles

Before you roll your eyes at the term "alternative parenting," and assume it encompasses some new wave, holistic theory, consider the fact that concepts known to strengthen parenting skills have been around for years, some since the days of antiquity. These include theories on nurturing children, natural infant hygiene and extended breastfeeding.