Thanksgiving Table Craft

Headband Napkin Rings

Most of your children’s works of art end up on the fridge, where they might go unnoticed by relatives shooed out of the kitchen on a busy Thanksgiving Day. But this craft will be a part of every place setting and will sure to be appreciated by all. It represents the Native Americans who shared the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.

What you need:
Cardboard paper towel tube
Construction paper
White glue

What you do:
1. Cut a cardboard circle from the tube, about ¾ inch wide for each napkin ring you want to make.
2. Use markers to draw a Native American design on the tube.
3. Cut a tiny feather from construction paper. Fringe both sides to make it look more featherlike. Glue the base of the feather inside the band.

Make lots of napkin rings using different designs and colors.

From “Crafts for Thanksgiving,” by Kathy Ross (Millbrook Press, 1995).