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Teachable Moments ‘On the Go’

Hidden between the carpool line and the grocery line are precious moments in time with your child. There are ways to incorporate vocabulary, spelling words and math facts into the most crowded of daily schedules.

Violins and Verbs: How Students Use Music to Enhance Writing

The Mozart Effect, a 1997 theory by Don Campbell, states that listening to classical music, more specifically, music by Mozart, increases intelligence. Though results are often debated, research continues to support the idea. In 2005, students taking the SAT with prior coursework in music appreciation scored 60 points higher on the verbal and 39 points higher on the math portion of the test.*

School Nurses Call for Classroom Cleaning Protocols

School nurses say more can be done in America's classrooms to help prevent the spread of illness, especially at the height of cold and flu season when more than half of school nurses, who were recently surveyed, send five or more sick children home each day.

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