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Savoring Life with Preschoolers

Recently, as I baked cookies with my kids, I watched my 3-year-old lick the plate clean of sprinkles, rather than roll the dough balls in them. It made a classic picture: my little boy Judah looking up mischievously with colored sugar on his face. I reflected on the brevity of this season.

Cleaning the Air for Kids

Each day the routine act of riding a school bus exposes children to a toxic mix of airborne carcinogens and particles from diesel exhaust. Diesel engines have long been known to spew dirty exhaust from their tailpipes, but studies now reveal that levels of diesel pollutants getting inside school buses can be up to four times greater than outside levels.

Socialization Without School

If you’ve been thinking about homeschooling, you’ve no doubt been asked by concerned friends and family: "But how will she make friends?" "He won’t learn any social skills!" The issue of socialization is the most often asked question presented to homeschooling parents.

Danger in the Hallways

Student safety has always been a priority for state and local school officials, but the emphasis on keeping our classrooms safe has increased in recent years with the numerous tragic school shootings nationwide.

Teachable Moments at a Small Cost

Summer is here and it’s time for lots of family activities. With a little planning and a lot of fun, meaningful learning opportunities can be packed into every weekend -- without spending a lot of money.

Parent Involvement = Student Success

The 2007-08 school year will be an exciting one for CMS. The district will shift to learning communities as part of our decentralization, and we will begin to put into place some new programs designed to boost student achievement. All of these programs are important ones, and we think they’ll help students learn. But our biggest asset in helping CMS raise student achievement is you — the parents of our students.

Early Language Immersion: A Window to the World

Whether his patients prefer English or Spanish, Jonathan Guenter has a great bedside manner. A local ER doctor, he’s been bilingual since elementary school — thanks to a decision his parents made more than two decades ago to enroll him in a language immersion program.

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