Author: Heather Hayes

Levine Children's Hospital Offers More Than Medicine

Remember staying home sick as a child? Not only did Mom give you medicine, but she also stayed by your side with hot soup and fluffed pillows. Maybe she even tried to take your mind off your troubles by breaking out the UNO cards.

Early Language Immersion: A Window to the World

Whether his patients prefer English or Spanish, Jonathan Guenter has a great bedside manner. A local ER doctor, he’s been bilingual since elementary school — thanks to a decision his parents made more than two decades ago to enroll him in a language immersion program.

Vision: No Sight Required

If you’ve ever been part of a "what-it’s-like-to-be-blind" exercise, chances are you donned a blindfold while walking into a wall, tripping over a chair, and — according to anyone with the actual impairment — gaining no idea of what it’s truly like.