Author: Jacqueline Bodnar

Pulling Up

Pulling up is a developmental milestone that naturally happens when a baby’s body is ready, usually between 8 and 10 months.

Caffeine & Kids

What's the Buzz All About? By identifying caffeinated snacks and beverages, you can easily limit them or remove them from your child’s diet.

The Dangers of Steroid Abuse

The examples those in professional sports have set by using steroids are being repeated by teenagers across the country. Although steroids require a prescription, many teenagers illegally obtain them to enhance their sports performance and their looks. What many of these youngsters don’t realize is that they are putting their health at risk by taking them.

8 Earth Day Activities for Kids

If you haven’t introduced your child to celebrating the global day that is set aside for appreciating the environment, there is no better time than the present to start.

Ages & Stages: Pregnancy: Gardening While Pregnant

"There’s no need to stop gardening," advises Amy Gifford, an education specialist with the National Gardening Association. "I gardened safely during my pregnancy by taking a few simple precautions."