Teach Your Children about School Bus Safety

The beginning of a new school year can bring many new experiences for children. They may need to become accustomed to an unfamiliar routine, get to know a new teacher or perhaps ride a school bus for the first time. But whether a child is new to the school bus or a seasoned “veteran” in junior high, it’s important for them to know the rules of school bus safety.

Take a moment to talk to your children about riding the school bus safely. Here are some rules children should follow:

School Bus Safety Tips
• Leave home early. When you rush, you tend to forget traffic safety rules.
• Walk on the sidewalks wherever available.
• When waiting for the bus, stay away from the street. And don’t play around because you will be distracted and might not follow traffic safety rules.
• Make sure you don’t have drawstrings, toggles or key chains on your clothes or backpacks. They can get caught on bus handrails and doors.
• Grab the handrail so you don’t trip on the stairs.
• Find a seat and sit down immediately.
• You can talk quietly to your friends and laugh, but do not scream — it distracts the driver.
• Do not put your head, arms, papers or anything out the window.
• Wait for the bus to stop completely before you stand up.
• Take 10 giant steps away from the bus when you get off.
• If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. If you stoop down to pick something up, the driver might not see you. Instead, ask the driver for help.
• If you have to cross the street, wait until the driver signals to you that it is OK.
• Stay away from the bus wheels at all times — especially the back wheels where it’s hard for the driver to see you.