Author: Kelly Yale

Empowered to Succeed

Six-year-old Lucas Duringer of Charlotte has a smile and spirit that melts hearts, even though he was born with Osteogenesis Imperfect, a disease that causes his collagen to grow abnormally making him very susceptible to broken bones.

Setting the Bar High Despite Autism

Stephanie and Verdell Rice of Charlotte are the busy parents of four children: Davon, 12; Darien, 11; Diarra, 9; and Deuel, 2. The Rice family is different than others because the two eldest children have autism.

Animals Bring Smiles

Alex Crisp of Charlotte was 3 when he was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, a condition in which increased lactic acid in the blood causes abdominal pain, fatigue and seizures.

Cool Kids' Rooms

A child’s bedroom is her little piece of heaven on Earth — a favorite lounging spot for daydreaming and a safe haven for when friends are mean. But decorating a kid’s room to her liking can present challenges.

Fuji Steakhouse

If you were lucky enough to grow up around a great hibachi restaurant, you probably have fond memories of being mesmerized by quick knives and flying shrimp.


Slumber parties are an important rite of passage in a child's life. How do you make the first experience a positive one?

Zoe's Kitchen

New Year’s resolutions for healthier eating might have you searching out alternatives to fast food or takeout, and Zoës Kitchen in south Charlotte is just the spot!

Mural Magic

Transform a bedroom into an ocean of fun with a mural.

Birthday Party Ideas: Pirate & Scavenger Hunt Fun

Is your son seeking a fun birthday party with his pals, or is your daughter wishing for a cool and exciting way to celebrate her big day with her friends? We have two easy party themes for you that are sure to be a hit and keep kids active and on the hunt.

Kids in Weddings

It's no easy task, but having kids participate in a wedding makes the event so much more special.

Birthday Party Guests: How Many Is Too Many?

Like most children, my son, Ryan, was discussing his dream birthday party for months leading up to the actual event. He was certain that he wanted a Spiderman theme and ice cream sundaes in lieu of a birthday cake. He wished to fill our backyard with pools and waterslides and have all of his friends there. Everything seemed simple enough until we started the guest list.

Say Mistletoe! Taking Holiday Photos

My family adores receiving photo cards during the holidays and opening each one like a little gift. We also love sending photo cards as it allows our friends and family all over the country to see how our children have grown. But putting together the perfect card is often an ordeal for all involved.

Moms Find Clothes Sew Easy

Finding the perfect outfit for your child can be a daunting task, but have you considered making your child’s clothing? An increasing number of women are turning away from the mall and heading for their sewing machines.

At Home: Vintage Chic in the Nursery

When Kerry Leasure, a Dilworth homeowner, found out three years ago that she was pregnant with her first daughter, she knew instantly that she wanted to design her dream vintage nursery.