Family Dining: Eddie’s Place

Having been a fan of the breakfast at the original Eddie’s Place location on Sharon Amity Road, I was eager to try out the new location next to Earth Fare in Ballantyne for dinner.

I knew that I was in for a spicy delight when I asked for suggestions from friends who were Eddie’s Place enthusiasts and they gushed about the fabulous shrimp and grits and steak Diane.

The night we ate there it was raining and we found Eddie’s Place to be welcoming with its cozy booths and warm colors. We were seated immediately and the children were given menus and crayons to keep them occupied. Eddie’s Place has daily specials and we happened in on prime rib night, where you pay $1 per ounce of prime rib.

We ordered the Southwestern Egg Rolls from the specials and set about choosing our entrees. Despite the nagging suspicion that I should order the prime rib, I opted for the famous She Crab Soup and the Creamy Cajun Pasta. My husband indulged in the Low Country Shrimp and Grits we had heard so much about and my children ordered a hot dog and a hamburger.

Our egg rolls arrived quickly and were hot and delicious. The kids loved dipping them in the big cup of sour cream. My soup came as well (I am a sucker for She Crab and I order it wherever I go) and I found it to be wonderful also. It was full of chunks of real crab and had a deep, spicy broth.

I noticed that every table around us seemed to have ordered the prime rib. I snuck peeks at the platters and felt a jealous pang that I had not gone with my first instinct, but when our food arrived, I was glad I ordered the pasta. It was rich and scrumptious. The shrimp was piled so high on the grits in front of my husband that he actually took a minute to savor the sight before he dove in. Both dishes had a terrific Cajun flare.

I was most surprised by the kids’ meals. Usually, a restaurant will offer up a little hot dog, but this hot dog was massive and in a hoagie roll. The hamburger was a great size and looked like a small version of their real hand-pattied burger. I was truly impressed, as were the kids who wasted little time gobbling up their dinner and fries. For under $5, you can’t beat it!

We would definitely return for a meal at Eddie’s Place and have asked ourselves a few times why we never had dinner there before. I know I would like to try their Reuben and my kids love restaurants that serve breakfast anytime. In a city where new restaurants are always popping up, it is great to see an original that keeps getting better and doing it so well.

The Chow Down
Dollar deal: $5-$15, with all kids menu items under $5
Especially for the kids: crayons and menus
Noise level: Perfect for families
Décor/Atmosphere: Warm, elegant, but not fussy
Kiddie fare: Burgers, hot dogs, PBJ and breakfast all day long
Bathroom: Clean, with changing table
High chair/booster available: Yes
Got milk/juice: Yes
Address: 12239 Toringdon Way, Ballantyne
617 S. Sharon Amity Road, Cotswold
Phone: 704-542-0000 Web site:

Clean Plate Score: 5 out of 5

Kelly Yale is a freelance writer and blogger for Charlotte Parent magazine.