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Top 10 Classical Music Pieces for Your Child

It seems like everyone has an opinion about music and its benefits for children. Some say listening to classical music will make your child smarter while others speak about its ability to soothe even the fussiest of infants. All of this could be well and true, but at the very least, an early exposure to great music can create a life-time love affair and appreciation for it.

Ages & Stages: 11-18: Nurture Relationships Between Teens and Grandparents

Is your child’s lackadaisical attitude toward spending the night at her grandparent’s house bewildering? At 8 years old she longed to seek refuge from her siblings at Grandma’s house. Now, as a teen, you can hardly pry her away from her friends and the phone to spend an afternoon — let alone a good portion of the holidays — visiting her grandparents.

Babies Need Movement

Although the first days at home with a newborn often pass in a blur, many questions also can arise regarding your new baby’s often unpredictable sleep schedule. Local pediatricians and moms share their advice on getting through the ever-changing sleep cycles during baby's first year.

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