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Stay Home or Go Back to Work?

One of the most difficult questions for a new mother to answer is, Do I stay home or go back to work? Many moms don’t have the gift of choice, but for those who do, the decision can feel overwhelming.…

The Learning Dilemma: Educating your special needs child

Raising a child with special needs, whatever his or her limitations might be, is challenging. Trying to find a program or a school that fulfills all his or her education needs may be even more difficult. The public school system has specialized programs, but, for some, exploring alternatives outside the public school system just might be the answer.

Adolescent Might Need Immunizations

Most parents realize that immunizations are an important part of infant and early childhood medical visits and that vaccines are necessary to keep our children healthy. Often parents (and teens!), however, don’t recognize that adolescence is an important time for immunizations as well. As the end of summer approaches and many adolescents head to their doctor’s office for school physicals, it is a great time to think about the shots that teens might need.

IM Goes to School

plz hlp b4 i 4get how 2 rite english If you have a child who loves Instant Messaging, you can probably decipher that sentence: Please help before I forget how to write English. IMspeak, the cryptic language used in Instant Messaging, is phenomenally popular, not only with teens and pre-teens, but also with the millions of adults who now use it to communicate with friends, family and even co-workers.

Ages & Stages 0-5: Finding Dr. Right

Finding the right doctor for your family is one of the most difficult decisions you face as a parent. While many must make the choice prior to the birth of a first child, others are forced into the doctor market by various factors.

Vision: No Sight Required

If you’ve ever been part of a "what-it’s-like-to-be-blind" exercise, chances are you donned a blindfold while walking into a wall, tripping over a chair, and — according to anyone with the actual impairment — gaining no idea of what it’s truly like.

Guiding Kids Through Grief

Hurricanes, terrorist attacks, accidents, old age, war and terminal illnesses are a part of life today. Death is never an if — it’s a when event. And with loss of people, pets and the familiar comes a stinging sadness. Educating children about death and guiding them through grief is something we prefer to avoid. But it’s one of our teachable moments. With our help, children can appreciate the feelings that are unique to this occasion, learn new coping skills and how to embrace life.

Ages & Stages: Pregnancy: Your First Connection to Baby

Julianna Rhodes is a nurse. Her husband is a pediatric cardiologist. These two circumstances are very likely the reason her infant daughter, Harper, is alive today. Despite thorough screening, including a detailed "level 2" ultrasound, Rhodes had an undiagnosed condition called vasa previa that endangered Harper’s life just as she was being born.

On Call: Your Child Could Have Arthritis

Arthritis is an illness that is often associated with older adults; however, children may also be affected. Although a diagnosis of childhood arthritis can be frightening for the child and the family, most children with arthritis live a full and active life.

Plus-Size Pregnancy Can Be Healthy

More than half of all pregnant women are plus-sized. If you’re plus-sized, you’ve probably heard things about how your weight can affect your health. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby.

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