Author: Denise Morrison Yearian

How to Find a Tutor

Before hiring a tutor for the summer, sit down and discuss the need with your child.

Preparing for Day Camp

Camp season is upon us. Before sending your child to day camp, here are some suggestions.

Ages & Stages: 6-10: Creative Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Some of my finest childhood memories are of sweltering summer days spent wading through the shallow creek close to home. With an empty jar in hand, my neighborhood buddies and I spent hours catching minnows and examining streambed rocks in search of the best skipping stone.

Ages & Stages: 6-10: Preteen Dating -- Trivial Terrain or Timely Talks

Boys and girls have always been attracted to one another. But when attraction begins varies tremendously from one person to another. For some, those feelings of attraction start in late elementary school. For others, it’s not until high school. Although the age gap varies, experts agree when a child of 9 or 10 years old begins showing interest in the opposite gender, parents need to sit up and take notice.

Parent To-Dos for Preteen Dating

Parents have a tendency to dismiss early relationships as trivial, but they should be treated seriously. Here are some tips for parenting through this stage.