Author: Kristin Rager

Adolescent Might Need Immunizations

Most parents realize that immunizations are an important part of infant and early childhood medical visits and that vaccines are necessary to keep our children healthy. Often parents (and teens!), however, don’t recognize that adolescence is an important time for immunizations as well. As the end of summer approaches and many adolescents head to their doctor’s office for school physicals, it is a great time to think about the shots that teens might need.

On Call: Your Child Could Have Arthritis

Arthritis is an illness that is often associated with older adults; however, children may also be affected. Although a diagnosis of childhood arthritis can be frightening for the child and the family, most children with arthritis live a full and active life.

Eating Disorders in Teens

Many teens suffer from an eating disorder. Read about what they are as well as signs to look for of a possible eating disorder.