Reap the Benefits of Outdoor Play

As obesity rates rise among children and teens, it will take more than an apple a day to improve the health and well-being of today’s young people. Some experts suggest that an hour of outdoor time and more physical activity each day along with those apples (and other healthy foods) may be the solution.

Taking Care of Kids' Teeth

February is Dental Health Month, and thousands of children will receive visits at school from dentists and hygienists across the country. But what do parents need to know about keeping children’s teeth healthy?

Ages & Stages: 0-5: Baby Massage: Good for Everyone

Touch is as important to the human as food so let your hands tell your babies they are loved! Infant massage is not a new concept. It is common practice in the eastern hemisphere and as evidence mounts regarding its therapeutic benefits, it is becoming an exciting therapy across the U.S.