Organic Skincare for Babies

Organic skin care for babies is a trend that is gaining popularity with parents from all walks of life. Although Hollywood Mommies are embracing brands such as Love Me Baby Me and leading the way to go green, everyday moms and dads can just as easily find organic, healthy products for their babies with the click of a mouse, thanks to a blitz of beauty websites like Beautorium, selling such specialty items.

Many health food shops sell natural and organic baby products, though there isn’t always information readily available there and the decision on what to buy can be overwhelming. Online shopping almost always includes product history, ingredients, company directives, descriptions, testimonials and explanations of terms, designations and definitions. Buying products online also often means opportunities to sample products and be privy to special sales and incentives as well. Best of all, purchases bought from websites are delivered straight to the door, leaving busy parents and moms-to-be with more time to focus on other tasks at hand.

Burt’s Bees is a North Carolina-based organic beauty emporium which has grown from cult following status to full blown corporate success story. Although many of their products can be found at a variety of health, grocery and baby stores, their website offers specialty packages for Mama Bees and Baby Bees often not found elsewhere. Prices for their products are moderate, with the “Bundle of Joy Basket” for example, priced at $25 and includes a sampling of lotions, creams and powders. Burt’s Bees is one of the most visible organic beauty brands on the market with a solid corporate reputation, a factor that is increasingly important to parents.

New to the market is Beautorium, another North Carolina-based company but one which features established, organic beauty products from around the world. This site sells brands that are award-winning in countries such as Germany, France, England, Australia and America. Beautorium founder Ann Francke understands how navigating organic terms and certifying bodies can be confusing and has specifically created a site to identify and answer any questions around these issues. Many of the brands found on this site are exclusive to North America and can only be purchased online. Cattier Bebe, for instance, is an award-winning line from France which features cleansing oils, creams and gels gentle enough for sensitive baby skin and hair. Priced at $22 for a 16.91 Fl Oz bottle, these products are affordable and the company has 40 years on the market along with a host of awards to attest to its popularity. Cattier and all other Beautorium products come elegantly packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Love Me Baby Me is a luxury skincare line for kids, most popular with celebrities and Hollywood producers. Recently featured on the Today Show, the line which features a diaper cream, shampoo, body wash and hair product is more expensive than the other two brands with sample sizes running at $34.95 for a kit and $104.95 for the full size version. These pure, all natural goods are coveted for their gentleness to both the skin and to mother nature. This luxury brand can be found at select stores across the country, but all products can be purchased from their website.

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