Baby Health

Speak to Baby Using Sign Language

What could be better than a young child not having developed language skills, yet being able to communicate with his or her parents? Today, many children can do just that because their parents are teaching them sign language.

Building Baby's Brain

In the first years of life, the brain is busy building its wiring system. Try these fun exercises to help boost your baby's brainpower throughout the first year of development.

Taking Care of Kids' Teeth

February is Dental Health Month, and thousands of children will receive visits at school from dentists and hygienists across the country. But what do parents need to know about keeping children’s teeth healthy?

Organic Skincare for Babies

Organic skin care for babies is a trend that is gaining popularity with parents from Mint Hill to Hollywood. Buying products online helps busy parents and moms-to-be save time and focus on other tasks at hand.