Author: Courtney Onge

Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen

Some children shy from spicy, but the offer of eating real alligator may win them over. At Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen, your family can decide how adventurous it wants to be.

How to Nurture an Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving may get short shrift in retail stores or the media, but you can nurture thankfulness this month and year-round in your children’s hearts and minds.

What Do Teachers Want?

Holiday gift lists grow as our families do, thanks to the teachers, coaches, choir directors, dance instructors, bus drivers and others who enrich our children’s lives. What do they really want?

Taking Care of Kids' Teeth

February is Dental Health Month, and thousands of children will receive visits at school from dentists and hygienists across the country. But what do parents need to know about keeping children’s teeth healthy?