Movie Reviews for Parents

Movie Review: 'Dumbo'

A rundown circus attracts sell-out crowds with Dumbo the flying elephant. The plot is almost the same as the 1941 cartoon, but this mature and edgy film has no talking animals.

Movie Reviews for Parents

When Hollywood puts out movies, you never know what you are going to get. Nicky VanValkenburgh gives insight on underlying messages and motives on new movies, plus the scary, silly and sarcastic for know-before-you-go guidance to help parents decide if a movie is right for their family.

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About Nicky VanValkenburgh

Nicky VanValkenburgh is a wife and mother with two teenage sons. She has been reviewing movies for more than 25 years. By reading this blog, you will discover the plot or storyline of current movies, as well as insights on sex and nudity, violence, and foul language.



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