Daddy Derek

Ain’t No Fairy Like The Paci Fairy

When my youngest son Chase turned 3, my wife and I had two major goals for him. We were going to say goodbye once and for all to his pacifiers and diapers. For almost a year the pacifier had only…

How I Became A Soccer Dad

It's pretty easy for people to make fun of soccer if they've never experienced it. Soccer is often low scoring with long periods of little to no action and often ends in a draw (tie). "The Simpsons," summed up professional…

April Showers Means Games for Hours

When the April rain is heavy or it's too wet to go outside and play in the backyard, as a parent you have a few options. While I would prefer everyone take a nap, that rarely happens. If my boys…

Off to Kindergarten? Not so Fast

In the winter of last year, my wife and I were confident our oldest son Tyler would move from WEE School at Carmel Baptist Church to public school kindergarten the following fall. He was old enough (late July birthday), had…

Discovering Star Wars 30 Years Late

Discovering Star Wars – 30 Years Late My oldest son Tyler (5) dropped a bomb two weeks before Christmas. "I want a Darth Vader toy that you can dress up and play with," he said to me one day at…

Daddy Derek

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About Derek James

WCCB News Rising Host Derek James balances a full-time job in the glamorous world of television news along with managing chaos every afternoon for 10-year-old Tyler and 8-year-old Chase.



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