Parent Involvement = Student Success

The 2007-08 school year will be an exciting one for CMS. The district will shift to learning communities as part of our decentralization, and we will begin to put into place some new programs designed to boost student achievement. All of these programs are important ones, and we think they’ll help students learn. But our biggest asset in helping CMS raise student achievement is you — the parents of our students.

Teach Your Children about School Bus Safety

The beginning of a new school year can bring many new experiences for children. They may need to become accustomed to an unfamiliar routine, get to know a new teacher or perhaps ride a school bus for the first time. But whether a child is new to the school bus or a seasoned "veteran" in junior high, it’s important for them to know the rules of school bus safety.

Top 10 Classical Music Pieces for Your Child

It seems like everyone has an opinion about music and its benefits for children. Some say listening to classical music will make your child smarter while others speak about its ability to soothe even the fussiest of infants. All of this could be well and true, but at the very least, an early exposure to great music can create a life-time love affair and appreciation for it.

Easy Lunchbox Makeover

The school cafeteria has become a place filled with poor diet choices. From franchise fast food offerings to soda machine temptations, today’s kids are faced with a lot of unhealthy options at lunchtime. So, what can parents do? They can pack a better lunch! But many parents could use some help — the typical child’s lunch box is often filled with fat, sugar and salt, and lacking healthy fruit, protein and whole grains.