Be thankful with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

By Victoria Reeder

It’s the time of the year when we start talking about what we’re thankful for and teaching children what gratitude means. This year has been hard for everyone and we all may need an extra reminder about all the good things we have to be grateful for. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is thankful for you, our customers, and our favorite way to encourage and share what it means to be thankful is through books of course! Below are books that illustrate all the things that happen every day, big and small, that we can be grateful for and how to show that we’re thankful all year round.


Olaf Gives Thanks by Colin Hosten

This book is full of beautiful color illustrations and a rhyming story filled with all the things Olaf is thankful for, like warm hugs from friends and his carrot nose! This title is available through Hoopla and at your library branch.

100 Ways

100 Ways to Be Thankful by Lisa Gerry

There are so many ways to be thankful and this book shares 100 creative ideas to inspire and motivate you on how to be appreciative every day. There are quotes, ideas, exercises, and interviews with National Geographic explorers that offer examples of ways to give back and show appreciation.

Thanks For Thanksgiving

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes

Every day is filled with so many little things that we can be thankful for! The little boy in this story shares things like fall and gold leaves, school, and piggyback rides as things he’s thankful for. A great read to get children thinking about the things they are grateful for.

The Thankful Book

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr

Filled with the Todd Parr’s bright and colorful illustrations, this book encourages the reader to find something every day that they can be thankful for. This could be something silly like clean underwear because you like wearing it on your head or something sweet like being thankful for the holidays because it brings your family together!

I Am Thankful

I am Thankful by Suzy Capozzi

This story follows a little boy and his family on Thanksgiving Day. As he chronicles their day of making pies, peeling sweet potatoes, visiting his dad at the firehouse and more, he shares all the things he’s thankful for. It ends with an encouragement for the reader to think of three things they’re thankful for! This title is available through NC Kids Digital Library and at your library branch.

Thankfulness Gratitude Attitude

Thankfulness: A Gratitude Attitude by Liz George

Through simple writing, bold words, full-color photos, and realistic examples this book shares what it means to be thankful and have a gratitude attitude. This book also shares a thankfulness superstar, activities, and a “how thankful are you?” quiz.