Author: Myrna Beth Haskell

The Teen Playbook

If there are distinct social or behavioral differences for boys and girls, should parents then raise the genders differently?

Getting the Driver's Permit

Driving with your teen for the first time? Talk to your teen about safety and your expectations, including alcohol- and drug-free driving, and the no-texting law when behind the wheel.

Teens & Community Service

Let’s face it … teens are egocentric. It’s all about them, their friends and their weekend plans. Getting teens to think beyond their own immediate needs can be more difficult than cracking a nut with a plastic fork.

No More Cooties! When Your Teen is Attracted to the Opposite Sex

The school cafeteria often serves as a snapshot of the state of relations between the students from Mars and the students from Venus. In the primary grades, boys and girls likely sit together, sharing Sun Chips and poking at each other playfully. However, by the fourth grade, things are drastically different. For the most part, the cafeteria becomes segregated with "boy" and "girl" tables.