Must-Have Items For Your Home Classroom

Recommendations ahead of the rapidly approaching school year

School will look different for students this year, but you can still create a safe, productive space for your children at home. Here are some essentials for your at-home classroom.


  1. Workspace

Get kids in the right mindset with a desk or table in their size, which can help with posture and proper handwriting.

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  1. Printer

Practice math the old-fashioned way on paper worksheets. This HP model is “Amazon’s Choice” in printers.


  1. Counters

Counters make mathematical concepts easier to grasp. Preschool and elementary students can use their hands and their heads. Counter bears can double as toys, and base 10 counting blocks prepare students ready for common core concepts.


  1. Cleaning Supplies

Keep your workspace safe a clean with the right cleaning gear. Disposable wipes can be hard to find these days, but other classroom and office essentials are worth picking up. Stock up on extra hand soap and facial tissues, and look for children’s face masks around town.


  1. Craft Supplies

The upcoming school year makes everyone feel all the feels. Let kids creatively express these feelings through art and crafts.


  1. Calendar or Planner

Keep track of projects, assignments, virtual meetings and more with an organized calendar. Consider a large desk or wall calendar for younger children, and keep older kids on track with colorful planners.

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  1. Child Headphones

Make your student feel like the CEO of his or her workspace with high-tech headphones. Child-size headphones help students actively participate in virtual classroom discussions and clearly hear instructions. Look for volume-limiting models and soft earpieces; the headphones below also feature a microphone.


  1. Organization Helpers

Organization will save your space and your sanity. Young students can find Play-Doh and crayons in easy-to-open bins and older students will benefit from filing systems or folder holders.